Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Speaking the Employee Language

If any company job page could make me want to work for them based on their message alone, it would be this one from Avenue A/Razorfish:

"You dream in digital. You're fluent in the technologies that define our world and passionate about the way they're shaping our future. You're a communicator. A creator. You understand how the Web connects us, and you want to shape the conversation. You're a restless innovator. You're not only waiting for the next big idea to happen, you're making it happen. You're a unique talent, a visionary, an experimenter, and you're looking for an environment that lets you shine. In other words, you're just our type."

Finally, a company that is really speaking the prospective employee's language. This description is like stumbling upon a horoscope -- even though you know it is the product of careful crafting and advertising-style copy, it makes you feel like you're being spoken to directly. It says, "they're talking to me! I'm a restless innovator. I'm looking for a place that will let me shine!" And isn't that the truth?

I know I am.


luke said...

No your wrong they are obviously talking to ME!!! Time to google these guys.

Cool to come across your blog too, check mine out @

Avi Kaplan said...

Angela- It's always great to see a company that really gets it and is excited to hire ppl passionate about your interests! Any other suggestions?