Sunday, July 13, 2008

What The F**K is Social Media?

This is a great slide presentation! I don't think that I will share it "as-is" within my agency, but I plan on discussing some of the main points to help overcome some of my co-worker's reluctance to engage in social media. I especially like the idea that "the old communication model was a monologue" and "the new communication model is a dialogue." PR professionals should keep this in mind before they decide to pitch.


Avi Kaplan said...

Great slideshow! Here's another great resource on this topic- this one in video.

Your PR Guy said...

I like the slideshow...would like to option it to my blog. Ok?

Angela Seits said...

Your PR Guy,
Of course! The slide is originally from Marta Kagan, "The Secret Diary of a Bonafide Marketing Genius." Wish I had come up with it myself. Sigh.